Lost in Translation - Documentary
About Dylan Thomas (presented by Rhys Ifans) for S4C/UK Network transmission 2014.


Under Milk Wood – Feature film


In Post Production. In English & Welsh, for UK domestic transmission and international cinema distribution. Rhys Ifans will be playing the role of 1st Voice and Captain Cat. See Under Milk Wood's updates at &


Scarlet Town – TV series
A multi lingua series (Welsh, English, Polish, Chinese, Urdu, Arabic) set in Llanelli. In development with S4C. Written by Kevin Allen & Helen Griffin.


Waterfall – Feature film
Set in post-industrial South Wales in the style of Allen’s debut feature, Twin Town. Although Allen has declined from producing a Twin Town sequel, this film attempts to follow on from what the Swansea set cult film had to offer, but in a bi-lingual landscape. Developed with S4C.


God’s Work – Feature film
Comedy set in the world of Taxidermy and modern conceptual art – written by Murray Lachlan Young & Jonathan Fox Bassett. Currently in development.


Strictly Swine Fever - 6-part drama series following pig farmer- turned disco dancer Gene London as he heads to London to fulfil his dreams, and in the process, becoming a sensation both on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Based on the memoirs of George Lloyd.


The Sedative – 3-part 1 hour drama series about three men on a Christmas retreat in Rhondda. A social/domestic realism piece set in a South Wales crippled by economic recession. In development.


David Lloyd George – 6-part biopic TV series following the life and times of David Lloyd George. A fFATTi fFILMS & Fiction Factory co-production commissioned by S4C.


The Man from God Knows Where - Feature film in the vein of Night of the Hunter and Badlands - written by Kevin Allen & Pat McCabe. In development.


The Incomers - Feature film based on Murray Lachlan Young’s lucid, raw play, and directing debut vehicle for actor Rhys Ifans. In development.